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Planning Your Day
May 23rd, 2020
One of the best tools in the productivity toolbox is planning your days in advance. But it's so easy to put too much on your plate and fail. Here's how we schedule our days properly.
Overcoming Negative Thinking
March 1st, 2020
Negative thoughts can come in many forms. We can use gratitude as a tool to help ward off negative emotions and to improve self-esteem.
Attachment to Outcomes
February 23rd, 2020
Attachment is the cause of all unhappiness and anxiety. If we take time to understand it, we can make changes to be less affected by the tragedies of life.
Read a Book Every Week
February 15th, 2020
Almost all highly-successful people in the world read books regularly. It's crucial to improving as a person, so why aren't you reading more?
News Addiction
February 13th, 2020
Reading the news (or watching it) and keeping up to date with current events is often seen as a smart thing to do. Though unless you genuinely need it, does it have much value? It may be bringing in substantial amounts of negativity into your life that you just don't need.
Limiting Beliefs
February 12th, 2020
Beliefs about yourself and the world are the perspective with which you make decisions. What if we could change these subconscious beliefs to encourage a better life?
Why I'm a Vegetarian
February 10th, 2020
I became a vegetarian 15 months ago. I'm often asked why, so I wrote this post to clarify my reasons for it.