About me

Hey, I'm Alex, and this is my website.

I've been interested in personal growth for a while, and I want to share what I've learned through this website. I created this website because I felt it would be of value to others and will help people become better versions of themselves. Here's my article explaining this in more depth.

What should we be doing in our lives to ensure we keep moving forward towards our goals and dreams? How should we be thinking and acting if we want to achieve success in every area of our lives? Questions like these are the things that I'm attempting to answer, and I will try and share lessons I've learned and insight I've found on my blog. If we become smarter and more purposeful about the way we live our lives, then hopefully we'll experience a better life.

Some stuff about me

I'm 21, and currently studying for a Mathematics degree in the UK. Some of my passions include:
  • Programming, I like to create cool projects such as new websites, video games, and even a voice assistant.
  • The environment, I care quite deeply about the environment, and I try to ensure I reduce any negative impact I may have on the environment while encouraging others to do the same – it's the main reason I became a vegetarian.
  • Learning, I believe that learning new things every day is crucial to becoming a better, more well-rounded person – it is how I stumbled on my pursuit of personal growth and why I started reading books a few years ago.
Please enjoy my website, and I hope you learn something of value from it.

If you want to contact me, whether you have suggestions, feedback, questions, comments, or anything else, send me an email at alex@alexgardner.org