My New Blog – First Post

The most crucial part of any project is getting it started, so that’s what I’ve done. Here I hope to share my thoughts on many different topics within personal development, to make others more aware of themselves.

Why have I started this blog?

I wanted to create this website for many reasons. Here are the main three:

The first is to gain experience in writing and expressing myself and my ideas, as I find it challenging to articulate ideas to people who haven’t heard about the idea before. I read about a lot of things, but for concepts and knowledge to consolidate in your mind, you need to be able to talk about it — else you don’t understand it well.

Secondly, it is to help others who want to see improvement in their lives. So many people feel lost in the world without a sense of direction or meaning, and many do not have a good frame of mind to deal with life’s problems. Things such as exercise, reading, eating healthily, keeping to committed to goals, being disciplined, having balance in your life — these are all areas in which most people can improve. I’m not going about this by writing ‘basic tips’ on things you can do to improve in a given area, but by writing more in-depth articles. Reading the news and browsing social media are not effective ways to learn, because little of it will be relevant a few weeks from now. My goal is to create content that will be relevant in the next five, ten, or fifty years.

Finally, I feel like doing this is what brings me a sense of purpose. A few weeks ago, I felt like I had found a greater sense of purpose in life, to help other people grow as human beings. I’ve been working on my personal growth journey all my life, though only for about a year have I been doing it consciously. I’ve started eating healthily, exercising regularly, socialising more, reduced social media usage to near-zero, began reading books, started journaling, meditated regularly, stopped watching almost all TV, became way more productive, realised my values as a person, and so much more — and my journey has only just begun. This is what I want to help people with, and it brings me joy when I know I’ve helped other people become happier, pursue their passions, or understand the world better.

My intentions for this website.

This website will, with time, become a collection of ideas and guides to living a more conscious life. I hope that I keep this project going for at least six months, I will continue past then depending on whether I feel like it is having enough of an impact to make it worth my time. My goal is for many people to see my website and read it regularly — becoming a valuable resource for its readers.

As I’m just starting this website, feedback is really valuable for me at this point. If you know me personally, please tell me your thoughts on the site so far and what you think can be improved, even if it is just a few little things. Thank you.